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Grove Road Studios:

Grove Road  Studios have 2 rooms, Control/Recording room with a Vocal Booth and a separate Live Room.

The acoustic profile of the Control Room means that the monitoring is very accurate wherever you are sitting, and an area where you will have hands on control over your music.


The Vocal Booth can comfortably take up to 2 people and is the perfect environment for vocalists, soloists or guitar and bass cabinets.

It boasts excellent acoustic separation from the Control Room with complete visual contact.

The Live Room is ideal and designed for capturing live performances, drum kits, or ensemble & solo recordings. 

Grove Road Studios:
39 Grove Road
Leighton Buzzard
Tel: 01525 373326  |
Mobile: 07743 127007

Recording Systems:  

iMac Quad core, Logic Pro X, Motu, Emagic Unitor 8, DSP Quattro Mastering, Sonoris Audio Engineering

Mixing Desk  

Behringer X32


Dynaudio Acoustics BM6As, Yamaha NS10s


TLA- Valve, Drawmer, Klark Tecknik, Focusrite, Rane, Neutrik, Avalon 

Instrument Outboard:  

Kemper Profiler, Sansamp, Alesis,  Akai S3000XL Sampler & Library

Amps & Speakers, Pedals, All Valve Marshall, Fender, Blackstar, Hiwatt, Ampeg, Mesa Boogie, SWR, Boss, Kemper Profiler, MXR, EHX, etc.


Roland, Yamaha, Gibson, Fender, Martin, Takemine, Baldwin-Burns, Rickenbacker, Hagstrom etc.


Rode K2 Valve Condenser, Rode NT3 Condensers, Shure SM58s, SM57s, Beta 52a, Sennheiser


Grove Road Studios can assist you with any aspect of your recording needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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