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PAT Testing Service


As a musician and running a studio, I am increasingly being asked to provide a PAT test certificate at venues such as hotels, function venues & pubs. 

I also get enquiries from other musicians who need their equipment PAT tested so decided to branch out and offer this service to anyone needing a PAT test certificate for any portable equipment.



PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and is the process of checking electrical appliances for safety through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests. 

Any venue must by law, provide proof of PAT testing to confirm that their equipment is safe to use onsite and is not an electrical risk. 
This is good safety practice. 

I can also provide a Landlord's PAT certificate on rental properties.


Equipment that requires testing is anything that connects directly to mains power. Some examples include:


•    The appliance itself, such as keyboards, amplifiers, laptops, mixers etc.

•    The lead used to plug the appliance in if stored separately, such as a IEC (kettle) lead.

•    Any extension power leads.

•    Printers, CD/DVD players, mobile phone chargers, hairdryers/straighteners, lamps.

•    Desktop computers, fridges/freezers, washing machines, kettles, heaters.

•    TVs/Monitors, tumble dryers, dish washers, toasters, microwaves, drills.




•    A visual examination of the appliance, the lead and the plug. This is part of the test but is also necessary to confirm what Class the                         appliance falls under.

•    The equipment is then connected to the PAT tester which runs the required electrical tests and provides the results figures as a                               PASS or FAIL. 


As the PAT tester I record all results on your personal record sheet which you get a copy of and which acts as your certificate of testing.


**The PAT test is valid for 1 year after which the equipment will need to be retested. This is standard practise.**


PASS -  All equipment that passes will be issued with a PASS sticker. 

FAIL -    All equipment that fails will be issued with a FAIL sticker and recorded as not safe to use until it has been repaired.

**Please note I am not an electrical engineer and do not carry out any repairs but I can relay feedback to help rectify any faults where possible.**


I am qualified to PAT test Class I, II Class III electrical equipment with an up-to-date calibrated Seaward & Fluke testers.



Based in Leighton Buzzard Beds and will cover:

£25 set fee that includes:

•    Set up and PAT testing of up to 5 individual items at my location.

•    PAT testing record certificate and labelling.

•    No VAT charge or hidden costs.


£50 set fee that includes:


•    Set up and PAT testing of up to 15 individual items at my location.

•    PAT testing record certificate and labelling.

•    No VAT charge or hidden costs.


Additional fees:


•    Extra cost will depend on location, time and travel.

•    PAT testing of more than 15 items will be based on £2.00 per each additional item and larger bespoke package deals can be arranged based         on individual requirements.

•    A small charge if needed for replacement of fuses or plug re-wires, or to supply and replace a new plug & fuse if needed.

•    Retesting of failed equipment can be arranged at a special rate based on individual scenarios and quantity.


Please feel free to call me, or email anytime to discuss and arrange PAT testing your equipment. 


Many thanks!


Please visit the Health and Safety Executive website for more official information:

Please visit the the Musicians Union website for more advice:

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